Punishable Act - Record Release + Special Guest

Punishable Act - Record Release + Special Guest
Genre: Punk

Punishable Act, Only Attitude Count, Minus Hopes, Arrow Minds

Beginn: 28.09.2018 20:00 (Einlass 20:00)
Ende: 29.09.2018 02:00

Petrikirchstraße 5
Dresden 01097
Sachsen, Deutschland

Abendkasse: 13,00 €

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Schoisaal Dresden presents Originated from the east berlin punk band REASORRS EXZESZ (est.1985), continued 1991 as ROUGH CALLED and finally renamed to PUNISHABLE ACT in 1993 +++ the line up stayed more or less the same: mike (voc), sven (g), botte (g), mario (bg), only the job of the drummer became occasionally vacant, the latest new member is robert +++ tours throughout europe, asia, festivals and single shows with the international "abc" of hardcore (AGNOSTIC FRONT, BIOHAZARD, CRO-MAGS...etc.) +++ hundreds of concerts later and in the end everything stayed the just the same, in the most positive sense, still stomach churning anger and a lot of energy, no trends, no finished school educations (old school, new school, secondary school), identity is simply hardcore, strict and straight +++ "...the berlin band PUNISHABLE ACT just wont die, the way how front man goede stirred the band through good as well as bad times is really remarkable…" (iron pages, 2007) +++ where roots as well as identity of PUNISHABLE ACT stem from, can be seen in the documentary film "ostPUNK!/too much future" (neue visionen, 2007), the appearance of singer mike but also through the music and lyrcis it becomes clear… +++ sure, we have not invented this kind of music, but we live it and love it… Punishable Act - Hardcore aus Berlin Only Attitude Counts - Hardcore aus Wien Minus Hopes - Hardcore aus Dresden Arrow Minds - Hardcore aus Rostock Weitere Infos unter: http://www.chemiefabrik.info/ Fragen an: schoisaal-booking@gmx.de